Your Experience of Patient Care Service (PCS)



The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service in partnership with 10,000 More
Voices (Public Health Agency) is conducting a review of the Patient Care Service
(PCS) and we are keen to hear from you and your experiences of the service we
provide. We are particularly interested to gather your opinions on the following
key areas:

-Punctuality of pick-up
-Comfort of Journey
– Interaction with Staff
– Reliability of service


Patient Care Service (PCS) in NIAS operates white ambulances and transports patients to and from hospitals for outpatient clinics, renal dialysis, diagnostics etc.  It is utilised by people who have a medical need for transport to ensure they can access health-related appointments.  It is known in other parts as the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service.  The patients don’t usually require emergency care or treatment but they do require to be cared for by people who are trained to support them for these journeys.


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