You and Your Experience of Mental Health Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

This project closed on 1st September 2020. Thank you to everyone who shared openly their experiences. The full report can be accessed in the “Publications” tab. Click here for the interactive summary

The pandemic of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland has been one of the greatest challenges to our Health & Social Care System since its establishment and also to each individual citizen who engage with our services. Patients, clients, families and staff have had to adapt quickly to different ways of working. At this time 10,000 More Voices Initiative is focused upon gathering stories from people who have engaged with Mental Health services during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so we can understand and learn how to support you better during the pandemic. Through sharing your story you will shape our services within Mental Health.

The purpose of this survey is to support you to share your story about COVID-19 and how you sought support through your Mental Health team and your community.

All surveys are anonymous and therefore when completing the survey you are asked not to use any names, including names of staff. The survey is confidential and we encourage you to answer each section honestly. It is your experience we value and want to hear about. Please note that by completing this survey you are consenting to your anonymous information being used for development of reports, staff  education & training and research.